flying high


i am anxious and excited before flying, per usual. with an hour to spare before my departure, i choose a cozy corner of the terminal and start my breakfast early with a blend of favorite nuts, then an apple, observing my fellow passengers and supposing their own reasons for travel this early october morning. by 6 am i have consumed my first cup of coffee and board with the assumed b boys, business men, fashionable grandmothers etc for our flight to new york city. this is my first. wepa!

awaiting me are dear friends, literal tons of energy, moments of pleasure and inspiration and motivation. i can feel it! and i can almost taste the pizza! after a nearly 2-year pizza hiatus, i feel as though i’ve been saving myself for the big cheese of all pizzas (hahaaa).

powered by new york lifestyle, cuisine, and a lot more coffee, i hope to get a jump start on the upcoming month’s creative endeavors. every day i will devote to a small sketch or painting project based on the day’s inspirations and events, while committing myself to a few larger personal projects each month. besides art, you may find my favorite recipes for vegetarian, plant-based meals as well as appreciations and links for the creative and intellectual pursuits of others.

i appreciate any feedback, and am always welcome to collaborations and new projects. enjoy!