ode to the sun

Springtime is upon us, and the San Francisco weather is certainly playing its part! I love the movement of the city,  a breezy balance of the cool ocean and the heat of the sun. At night you can often hear the wind whipping through the streets; impossibly audible and at times frightening, a fascinating force of nature.  And though it says it’s 56 degrees outside, I have walked barefoot in the ocean in a flowing sleeveless dress until sunset, sandwiched by the warm sand and the sun’s rays.  Everyone is moving – but not too fast. It feels good to be here, and I am anxious to learn more about the city, the people, the landscape, and to get my paint on!!!

That being said, I haven’t updated my doodle page recently and they’ve really been building up. In order are a collection from my newest baby mixed-media journal.

I hope to dig out a few more once I unpack a bit more – I’ve been so excited moving into such an diverse, iconic city and jumping right into working and exploring, I’m embarrassed to say that my suitcase is still half unpacked…

So far I’ve been to work, to my SO’s office downtown, the beach and around my own neighborhood of Inner Richmond. If anyone has suggestions on day-tripping and adventure locations, please let me know! I personally am overwhelmed by the options (typical Libra) and am having a difficult time deciding what to do first.

I took a hike to see the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday. My camera in hand, I walked along 2 miles of cliffs and sandy shores through wild jasmine and honeysuckle and basil. The cool wind carried fresh air and the smell of salt and barnacles and all sorts of floral fragrances in a mellifluous serenade to my nose. I walked up a particularly steep path to capture some prime shots and picnic on an apple and some hard, slightly salty aged cheese, a perfect pairing for the day.

To anyone in the Bay Area, I highly recommend checking out these paths that are offered all throughout the Presidio neighborhood. What a spectacular view of the city, and such a great (AND FREE!!!) way to enjoy the day!

For now I’m off to work, and am eager to learn more about food science. Happy Spring to you all!

– Mae