Championing the Winter Pickles

A few recent watercolors hung at my favorite local coffee shop.

A few recent watercolors hung at my favorite local coffee shop.

Ahhhh, the sublimity of very few obligations! The holidays are over, and with a big cup of coffee and the day free I reflect on time and its oscillating relationship with the senses. The breath of my slumbering significant other sets a soothing rhythm to the pace of my thought-translation. A warm light peeks through the blinds. It is the perfect setting to construct my goals for the New Year.

I would hate to say goodbye to the year with a recap of the past December, however. It was a busy month of completing holiday commissions as well as crafting my own Xmas treats for friends and family (pickles, pet portraits, floral crowns and sugar scrubs, DIY recipes for future postings!), tiring albeit joyous, each day jam-packed with activity in between a busy holiday work schedule and an hour-long  bicycle commute to my beautiful new abode. I feel lighter with each ride and see a new energy in the work that I have been doing. I wonder whether this increase in productivity is the influence of my NYC visit, where one is faced with a certain excitement each day and the necessity of better time-management. There is something about the shift into colder weather, also, which drives me to keep moving for fear of staying cold! While this particularly warm Floridian December resulted in only 5 or so days of sub 80 degree weather, I cherished each one dearly and drank enough hot tea to make up for the rest of the year!

Whatever the influence was, I had an incredible month of creating, giving, and experiencing, and feel this may be a precursor for what is to come in 2014. I wish the same to you all! Happy Festivus, everyone!

– Mae